Saturday, November 24, 2018

Setting Boundaries in Relationships

Today, I want to talk about one of the most important and helpful ways  to relate to a spouse or significant other.  In order for any relationship to work, both people may have to put forth a lot of effort .
In a any relationship, each person  has to have a mutual respect for the other, or it wont work out .  Both persons has limits that may be different which is often determined by their personal values.  People  need to show as  much self respect for themselves as they show to the other party. They each  should be assertive and set boundaries without being shy about saying "no" in a respectable and comfortable way and the other should be accepting when the other one says "no" to them. When it comes to money and possessions each one should be able to set limits based on their convictions .  It is always important to set limits on what you will or will not share with your partner  because what you as a  person share can come back to bite them. I can give you a good example.  In my previous relationship with my ex-husband, I was an open book, meaning, I shared all of my secrets about my weakness with him not realizing that he may use my weaknesses against me to hurt me. which it shouldn't have happened, but it did!  Every couple should set sexual boundaries. Sexual boundaries can be violated with unwanted sexual touch, pressure to engage in sexual acts, or sexual comments. I've had a friend or two tell me that their partner wanted them to have sex with them a certain way and demanded it because they were married to each other. It really doesn't matter if we are married, we still have certain feelings about certain situations that we fee uncomfortable with doing, and we shouldn't override our feelings just to please someone. 

All in all, I've come to the conclusion that it doesn't matter what kind of relationship one may have, it's always better to stand up for what you believe in and set boundaries in them. you should set sexual boundaries, emotional boundaries which refers to a person's feelings and physical boundaries which refer to a persons space and physical touch.

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